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Rev. Devin D. Westbrook, Sr. is a native of Memphis, TN. He is a licensed and ordained minister who has served the Southwind Community for over 14 years. By using innovative methods, many souls have come to Christ under his leadership. Westbrook is an advocate for men, youth/young adults who believes that building relationships and respecting young people first is the key to making life-long disciples. 

Pastor Westbrook is a graduate of both Lancaster Bible College where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree and Union University where he obtained his Master’s in Urban Christian Studies. As pastor of one of the most explosive churches in this region, Westbrook is called to serve an unreached group of people which includes but is not limited to young adult couples, broken families and unchurched youth. 

“Don’t tell me who you are over until you tell me who you are under,” Dr. R. A. Vernon. Pastor Devin’s spiritual father and mentor is Dr. Vernon, the founder and Senior Pastor of the Word Church in Cleveland, Ohio. As a son understanding the importance of mentorship, Pastor Devin gleans from the wisdom of Dr. Vernon in such areas as creative leadership, guidance, and spiritual direction. 

On September 22, 2019, Westbrook released the book, “God Will Meet You in the Go.” It is his prayer that this book serves as a catalyst for many to move from potential to GO MODE. From good to GREAT. From enough to OVERFLOW. 

Westbrook is a creative genius, masterful preacher and an anointed man of God. He is available for conferences, workshops, trainings and worship services. A few of his presentations include:

-    The Functions of a Father 

-    Pop-Up Church Planting 

-    Building Momentum

-    Marriage & Ministry – From the Bedroom to the Bank Account 

Pastor Westbrook is happily married to Lady/Pastor Samantha Westbrook and they have five children; Devin Jr. , Miyah, Kayla, Christion and David. 



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