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"God will meet you in the go is a powerful and motivational read to push anyone from sitting in potential to walking in purpose."

Charlie Crenshaw


 I definitely appreciated the conviction and vulnerability with which it was written. It is timeless in it's message. 

Devin D. Westbrook Jr.

This was an incredible and transformational read. The transparency in it serves as both a mirror and encouragement.

Darriel Neely 


Phenomenal first book. I am expecting another one. It was an easy read, lots of nuggets and a balance of scriptural references in each chapter. 

Min. Latasha Brown 


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“You can't sustain, what you won't  maintain


The Westbrooks offer 1 hour of Marriage Maintenance as they discuss forgiveness, commitment, infidelity, everything from

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For Singles this is Preparation. Married Couples this is Maintenance.